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Rubaina and Rachit try to live a life worth every second. They aim to experience this ‘music of breath’, that’s life, to the fullest. MiscGyan is a medium to share their experiences, their thoughts, their perspectives, their expertise, their lifestyle, and their humanity. Rubaina and Rachit are influencers and social media experts who understand how to engage diverse communities at a local and global level. Having migrated from India all the way to North America for advanced studies and influential corporate careers, their eclectic background fuels MiscGyan’s multi-dimensional appeal.

Rooted in the vibrant rhythm of its origin city of Portland, Oregon, MiscGyan helps brands establish social dominance. It started by creating a highly engaged social media community of its own and has now evolved into a team doing the same for other brands via Socials By MiscGyan (SMG).

The name MiscGyan, a blend of ‘miscellaneous’ in English and ‘Gyan’, a Sanskrit word for knowledge, encapsulates their wide array of offerings. When partnering with us, you can expect a distinctive fusion of professional expertise, global experiences, and artistic expression. We use this fusion to tell your story in a way that becomes your signature.

Portrait Image of Rachit Jawa, the co-founder of MiscGyan
Rachit Jawa, Co-Founder
Portrait Image of Rubaina Jawa, the co-founder of MiscGyan
Rubaina Jawa, Co-Founder

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color green over transparent background. A MiscGyan Creative.